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Need to upgrade your phone system? We are Official 3CX Partners!

by Ben Grave - Wed 25 Jan 2023

We are proud to announce that we are now official 3CX Partners - the #1 Communication system trusted by American Express, NHS and Mercedes-Benz – and can provide our clients with state-of-the-art communication and telephony services.

There is no better time to invest in your phone system and accelerate your business growth with 3CX phone system. You no longer need to rely on phone calls, as you will have access to Live Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Business SMS and video conferencing too, all from a single location with no switching between apps. 

The working environment has changed considerably over recent years… As people increasingly work from home and remote locations, via different communication channels, the 3CX system ensures you stay connected with your team and customers. Providing vital flexibility that allows you to choose from web, desktop and mobile clients, or easily connect an IP phone.

Now you can take your business phone anywhere receiving office calls on your smartphone via the 3CX app, keeping you and the team connected via calls, video conferencing and chats. If you are on an appointment or lunch, simply change your availability status to away or on holiday, diverting the call or allowing the caller to leave a message.

The 3CX phone system also seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and most popular CRM systems, so you can be confident that your phone system will truly enhance your business and improve vital communication channels.

The admin platform is so simple and intuitive, allowing you to make changes and updates without the need for expensive third-party support. And finally, 3CX StartUP is free forever for up to 10 users including hosting, so there is no need not to give a 3CX phone system a try.

Contact us today to book in a 15-minute discovery call with Rowan, our 3CX phone system expert to find out how we can improve your company’s communications. We have recently upgraded our phone system to the latest technology – find out more information here

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