Agile, flexible and on-demand connectivity.

Make your network work for you

Whether it's in the office, working from home, or working out on the road, having the right network in place internally and externally can make all the difference. Your Network is the process of connecting all your PCs, laptops, phones and other connected devices for the purpose of sharing resources, improving communications and transferring data. Reliable network solutions built on a secure infrastructure is the foundation of every successful business.

Broadband and Fibre

We’ve all become highly dependant on good internet and wifi - both at home and at work - that any interruption to service is discovered (and complained about!) immediately. Depending on where you are, or your personal requirements, there are many Broadband and Fibre options available to you.

Also known as ADSL, broadband is a low-cost solution and provides a standard connection to the internet. The speed of the connection depends on your proximity to the local BT cabinet, however locations that are some distance from the BT cabinet can receive as little as 2mbps.
Fibre is the next step up and offers a much faster connection, which is preferable in this heavy data consuming age. Generally this means downloading files, surfing the internet, and communicating over Teams is all possible simultaneously, however these connections can slow when overburdened. Many companies have to rely on 2 or more fibre broadband connections to maintain reliable connectivity.
Fibre to the Premises
Is the next big development in fibre services and is gradually becoming available in different locations around the UK. This is the service of providing a dedicated optical fibre directly onto a company’s premises, for the sole use of that business. This optical fibre delivers remarkable and reliable broadband speeds of around 150mbps, allowing your business to run smoothly and without broadband related bottlenecks.

Leased Lines

A Leased Line is a dedicated line, used by businesses to provide a 99.9% up-time and connectivity. These come with a high monthly cost, however they also offer expert support and consistent download and upload speeds. These are primarily used when the cost of losing connectivity is too great, or the internet is central to a business’s daily operations.

Satellite Broadband

Satellite Broadband isn’t new but has become a better service over the years. Initially it was a high-cost solution for those who live or work in remote locations where a reliable broadband or fibre connection was not available. Satellite broadband uses a dish which points to geostationary satellites, however connectivity can struggle on a cloudy day. But services are constantly improving and it is a vital network solution for many businesses. Elon Musk recently launched Starlink, his own broadband satellites, which are able to provide incredible connectivity speeds.

Mobile Internet

Is the means of accessing the internet, or connected services, from your mobile device. This can be done through connecting your phone/device to a local wifi connection, or by using data services from you mobile network provider. Many mobile phone contracts come with a fixed amount of data which allows you to access the internet, and connected apps via 3G, 4G and now 5G (in some areas). However, once you have used up the data supplied by your mobile contract provider, you will be charged for more. Unlimited data packages are available, but can be expensive.

Remote working

The work place has changed in recent years and a hybrid solution of workplace and home-working has become the norm. As people have been forced to work from their kitchen tables the reliability of home working solutions has improved dramatically. You can continue to meet your colleagues though Teams, collaborate on shared documents in the cloud and react quicker to developments in your business.

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