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Providing technology support since 1998

With over 20 years of experience in supporting businesses with their I.T. solutions, we know what every business needs.

We don’t see ourselves as an I.T. provider, but a business I.T. partner. With over 20 years’ experience delivering I.T. solutions to businesses, many of our customers have been with us since the start. Our objective does not stop at providing I.T. support, we aim to make your business better through improving your I.T. solutions. By providing the best professional support and advice, supplying the right hardware and implementing targeted software solutions we guarantee a positive experience every time.

Trusted support from the experts

With over 20 years of experience, our technical team are highly qualified, experienced and friendly. We can help with a simple telephone call, easy remote access to your machine, a rapid onsite visit or even computer repairs back at our I.T. lab. Our main objective is to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

We cater for the full range of hardware services and have access to an extensive range of nationwide supplies to ensure quality components and the most up to date products on the market.

Contract support services

We offer three standard levels of I.T. Support, however every business is unique and your may require a bespoke, tailored I.T. package. We always start our new business partnerships with a full onsite IT review survey, to establish what your needs are. Whatever the size of your business, the level of support required, or budget restrictions of your business, we have a package to suit. Our priority is meeting the needs of your company and IT system, and will update you with required updates and improvements.


Designed for start-ups and small businesses or enterprise IT departments requiring specialist services and contingencies.

Under 24 hours of support per year.
Discounted hourly rates.
Phone, remote and offsite support.
3-month I.T. support guarantee.


Designed for small to medium organisations looking to grow their I.T. infrastructure in tandem with business development.

Up to 50 hours of support per year.
Remote, offsite and onsite support.
Priority phone support.
Discounted hourly rates.
Interest free monthly payment option.
Access to the M1C client portal.
12 months free subscription to DataSafe.
6-month I.T. support guarantee.


Designed for medium to large sized organisations looking for the best of breed I.T. support direct from the experts.

50 to 500 hours of support per year.
Remote, offsite and onsite support.
Priority phone support.
Discounted hourly rates.
Interest free monthly payment option.
Access to the M1C client portal.
Full I.T. consultancy services.
6-month I.T. reviews and planning.
12 months free subscription to DataSafe.
6-month I.T. support guarantee.


For start-ups and small businesses requiring adhoc I.T. services, without a support contract.
No contract.
Pay-as-you-go support.
Phone, remote and offsite support.
Onsite support options.

Commitment to continued learning and certification

We also operate a focused software learning program for our staff and undergo rigorous training and testing schedules in place by the major vendors to ensure our product ability and knowledge is first rate. Equipped with these ongoing skill sets, our staff are capable of highlighting, diagnosing and rectifying countless issues with software installations, configurations and deployments in rapid time.

Live reactive monitoring of your servers - automated monitoring of your business servers, alerting our technicians to any disconnection or downtime. Once an issue has been highlighted, ServerWatch and our skilled technicians, will identify the cause and rectify promptly.
Our scalable and customisable disaster recovery solution for your on-premises servers. Our business disaster recovery solutions are monitored daily, and regularly inspected by our technicians! This service provides you with a disaster recovery solution that has been trusted by our clients for over 15 years+.
Our hosted spam filtering and malware protection service. Unsolicited emails are frustrating and can hinder the performance and productivity of your employees. With our SpamShield service spam and viruses are fully contained and managed. Powered by the leading email spam filter on the market.
Our tailored solution to fully backup your company’s Microsoft 365 cloud data - Many believe Microsoft keep old copies of your email and cloud data forever, however this is not the case. Our bespoke solution, CloudStore, will ensure you can always undelete and recover Office365 data.
Our UK based datacentre is ready to host your server requirements or form part of your disaster recovery plan. Hosting your server in our own climate-controlled datacentre saves you the stress of a physical server at your own premises. Or, CentreHost can be incorporated to your disaster recovery plan.

Support tracking app

Our Support Tracking App is available to all clients with a support contract. This app can track every aspect of your business I.T. function; Every support call with us, once completed, is automatically logged here for you to view and allows you to see the details of all work carried out by our team.

This portal can be used to..

  • View up to the minute info and stats on your account
  • Easily see hourly support usage and contract hours remaining
  • Add company hardware for tracking and inventory
  • Valuing your existing hardware and depreciate over time
  • Add and manage additional work and hardware yourself
  • See what type of support you have used
  • Highlights trends in your support requirements
  • Highlights what areas of your I.T. need further attention
  • Identifies consistent I.T. problems

For a live demo of our Client Portal please contact us.

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