Making technology work for you.

Behind every good solution is a great piece of software

Problem solving and continual improvement has been a major focus for centuries. In our quest for leaner systems and improved productivity we continue to build and improve our business solutions. Software allows processes to be broken down and rebuilt in more efficient ways, and by harnessing the next generation of super-fast, ultra-mobile technology systems, the software we make can do more than ever before.

iOS and Android App Development

Using the latest cross platform development tools, we have the ability to create fast, clean, native apps to meet a whole range of requirements and business needs.

Whether it's on Android, iOS smart phones and tablets, or traditional Windows desktops, we can create apps that integrate seamlessly with your business processes.

Although the app itself is important, the data behind the app is key to the exercise and utilising APIs, we are able to push and pull data from a variety of sources back and forth between your app out in the field and your head office operations quickly and securely.

Contact us to have a chat about how to extend your data and your operations out into the field via bespoke apps designed for you.


In the business world, data is power. Cloud hosted database offerings from Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Firebase are some of the hottest new platforms for storing and delivering data to your business apps and customer portals.

We have been building these types of solution in-house and commercially for the past 20 years and would be excited to show you some examples of our work, and discuss how your organisation could benefit.

Intranet and web portals

We understand that most organisations and businesses have existing systems in place to enable them to operate, but just how effective are these systems?

By looking at business processes, inputs and outputs, and the roles of staff within a business, we can re-evaluate the existing systems to see if it can be adjusted or reworked. We then look to improve the system, bringing together previously disconnected systems and procedures and streamlining company processes - increasing staff productivity and reducing costs.

Start a conversation with one of our specialist development consultants today and take advantage of your I.T. in a whole new way.

Let's talk about it

No two projects are the same, and although a single solution may be applied to a multitude of problems, it is vital to understand the problem before applying a solution

When writing a client’s business app our first priority is understanding what the client would like to achieve, then investigate what challenges they are facing, and finally explore how the right application could dramatically improve their business. Many traditional business solutions are available ‘off the shelf’, however a tailored application may provide additional advantages and unlock new possibilities for your business, and give you a significant advantage over your competitors.

If you have a software project in mind, why not start a conversation with one of our development consultants today.

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