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Incorporate AI into your daily work routine with Microsoft Copilot.

by Rowan Turner - Tue 06 Feb 2024

In today's dynamic and time-sensitive environment, Microsoft's Copilot AI stands out as a revolutionary tool seamlessly incorporated into diverse applications within Microsoft 365. Whether you're working in Word, Excel, Outlook, or PowerPoint, Copilot AI serves as your dependable ally, elevating productivity and streamlining intricate tasks.

Copilot AI in Word can transform your writing experience. Whether you're crafting proposals, summarising information, or generating document drafts, Copilot is your seamless assistant. With a straightforward prompt like 'draft a proposal' and specifying the relevant documents, Copilot thoroughly scans the data, extracts crucial points, and produces a draft proposal. Its capabilities extend to adeptly editing existing documents, condensing sections, and offering language variations to elevate tone and conciseness.

When using Excel, Copilot transforms into your trusted companion for data analysis. Just enter a prompt, such as 'analyse the quarterly results and outline five key trends,' and Copilot can produce an accurate summary. No manual selection of chart types or data highlighting is required; Copilot simply generates charts, graphs, and models itself, with a simple prompt from you.

For Outlook, Copilot can help with managing and generating your emails. Whether you need to condense extensive email threads, respond to messages, generate meeting summaries, or organise an event, Copilot can assist. Copilot can draft email responses, bullet point key meeting points raised or transform brief notes into professional messages by pulling content from existing emails and documents. Users can select from options such as email length, and even the tone of the email which Copilot will follow when drafting up a response.

In PowerPoint, Copilot functions as your creative collaborator. By issuing a straightforward prompt such as 'generate a presentation on current cybersecurity threats to UK businesses,' Copilot can craft a complete presentation on the specified topic, applying your existing themes and templates. Additionally, Copilot is capable of identifying key slides, suggest how the slides can be organised, and generate complementary documents such as speaker notes and handouts, all aligned with the chosen theme and language.

For help or advice with your Microsoft 365 subscriptions, including integrating Copilot with your organisation, contact us today!

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