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Strengthening Security with an IT MOT: Small Business Case Study

by Ben Grave - Thu 20 Jul 2023

A recent IT MOT performed at a local small business identified significant weaknesses in their IT infrastructure. This business, with a network of five computers, is representative of a successful small business operation.

The IT MOT uncovered several problems, such as:

  • No backup mechanisms for key IT systems
  • Inadequate password policy
  • Absence of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for important business systems

Despite these issues, there were positive aspects in their security protocols including: A Guest Wi-Fi network, Solid ESET security measures, and WPA2 Wi-Fi security.

Following the IT MOT, the business found it hugely beneficial, providing a clear outline of areas requiring improvement in their IT systems. The business owner commented:

"We lack the specific IT expertise to identify our system's weaknesses. Our setup has expanded over time from one laptop to a network of five computers, adding different software solutions like Dropbox, Outlook, Teams, and industry-specific business management software. We've managed to keep operations going, but increasing news of hacking and ransom scams made us realize the need for a thorough review of our IT systems. The IT MOT was a great starting point. We now have a list of things to work on, and we appreciate the Mark One team for their assistance in addressing these issues... they even resolved some before leaving!"

This case study highlights the value an IT MOT can bring in helping small businesses identify and rectify significant security weaknesses in their IT infrastructure. If you're a small business owner, don't wait until a problem arises. Schedule your IT MOT today!

If your business might benefit from an IT MOT, you can inquire online or call Jon at 01935 411319.


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