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Mark One Consultants’ SpamShield service strengthened with Hornetsecurity and Vade partnership

by Ben Grave - Thu 14 Mar 2024

We at Mark One Consultants are excited to share how our SpamShield service is becoming even stronger, thanks to Hornetsecurity's recent partnership with Vade. This collaboration is creating a European cybersecurity powerhouse that is poised to bring unparalleled email spam filtering and malware protection to our customers.

Our SpamShield service, known for its robust hosted spam filtering and malware protection, is now powered by the most advanced email spam filter on the market. The joining forces of Hornetsecurity and Vade enhances our capabilities to shield your business from unsolicited emails and malicious threats, ensuring the performance and productivity of your team remains unhampered.

Hornetsecurity, a leading cloud security and compliance SaaS provider, has welcomed Vade, a specialist in email cybersecurity, to its group. Vade's industry-leading, SaaS-based email security for Microsoft 365, equipped with unique API-based email filtering technology, complements Hornetsecurity's suite of services. This synergy expands our product offering, providing you with comprehensive protection against sophisticated cyber threats.

With this partnership, Mark One Consultants reaffirms its commitment to delivering top-tier IT support and cybersecurity solutions. Our SpamShield service, now bolstered by two giants in the cybersecurity field, stands at the forefront of protecting businesses across the UK from the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Stay secure and productive with SpamShield, where leading technology meets exceptional service.

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