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Cyber Security Training with Avon And Somerset Police Cyber Team

by Ben Grave - Thu 09 May 2024

Tuesday 7th May, in partnership with the Yeovil Chamber of Commerce, we hosted a Cyber Security training session, led by Megan & Felix from Avon and Somerset Cyber Team. The event took place at Yeovil Innovation Centre and attracted a good turnout from local businesses eager to learn more about strengthening their network security.

The session was not only informative but also engaging, featuring a unique interactive "Cyber Escape Room". Participants were grouped into small teams, where they delved into a thrilling scenario to clear the name of a colleague wrongly accused of a crime. This hands-on approach not only made the learning process captivating but also emphasised the practical application of the cybersecurity knowledge in a fun and engaging manner.

Thank you to Yeovil Chamber of Commerce, and particularly to Jo Reynolds, the Chamber President, for their invaluable assistance in organising this event. Their support was instrumental in making this event a success. Additionally, the team at Yeovil Innovation Centre deserves a special thanks for their hospitality and ensuring everything went smoothly.

A huge thank you to Megan and the Avon and Somerset Cyber Team for delivering an outstanding session that was both educational and engaging. The feedback from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their appreciation for the practical insights and tips provided on enhancing their business network security.

The key takeaway for most was the urgent need to revise and strengthen their passwords—a small but significant step toward better security.

We are thrilled with the success of this training and are encouraged to see our local business community proactively embracing cyber security practices. Stay tuned for more events like this as we continue to work together to strengthen our defenses against cyber threats.

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