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BT Delays Digital Landline Switch Off

by Lyndon Doyle - Mon 03 Jun 2024

BT has recently announced a delay in the transition from copper-based Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to digital landlines, extending the deadline to 2027. This decision comes in response to concerns about ensuring vulnerable customers, including those relying on telecare services, are adequately protected during the switch.

Why the Delay?
The UK government introduced a charter aimed at protecting vulnerable customers during the transition. BT is committed to ensuring that no telecare users are switched to digital services without having a fully compatible and functioning equivalent in place. Additionally, they must guarantee at least one hour of uninterrupted access to emergency services during outages.

What Does This Mean for Businesses?
For businesses, this delay provides additional time to adapt to the forthcoming digital infrastructure. Here’s what your business needs to consider:

Evaluate Current Systems: Assess your existing equipment to determine if it is compatible with digital landlines. This is crucial for maintaining uninterrupted service and leveraging faster, more reliable digital communication.

Plan for Upgrades: If your current systems are not compatible, plan and budget for necessary upgrades. This could involve updating telecare systems or other critical infrastructure that relies on landlines.

Training and Support: Ensure your staff is trained and prepared for the transition. Provide support to help them understand and adapt to the new digital systems.

Consult with IT Professionals: Engage with IT support services to manage the transition smoothly. Professional guidance can help mitigate risks and ensure a seamless switch.

The delay in BT’s digital landline switch-off is an opportunity for businesses to prepare for the future.  Taking proactive steps now, you can ensure a seamless transition, safeguard your operations, and position your business for enhanced digital communication.

For detailed digital telephony guidance and support, feel free to contact the Mark One team. We can help your business navigate the digital transformation smoothly and efficiently.

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