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Our New Measure of Technology… An MOT for your IT

by Ben Grave - Tue 03 Jan 2023

We have launched our new IT MOT service, which has been designed to help local businesses establish the health of their business IT systems. Most people are comfortable with the idea of an MOT for their cars now your IT systems can receive vital health checks through our MOT platform.

Just like a vehicle MOT, your IT system will receive a certificate highlighting Major Defects (needing urgent attention) and Advisories (which may need attention in the future). It will also include recommendations for improvements to your IT, to improve your company’s digital security and health.

Ben Grave our Commercial Director said… “Many business owners know they have issues lurking within their IT infrastructure but have no easy or quick way to gain this information. Now there is a service which will dig in and measure your business systems to present a comprehensive overview as your first step towards better technology”

The 100-point health check includes cyber security, cloud systems, hardware lifecycle, software compatibility and network reliability, and typically takes 1-2 hours. Prices start at £99+VAT, however there is currently a 50% Service Launch Discount. 

To find out more, or to book your MOT go to or call 01935 411319

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Would you pass an IT MOT?

We have developed a detailed Measure of Technology (MOT) for your business that will analyse and review your IT infrastructure and provide you with a system health check. Once our qualified technician has completed the MOT you will receive a detailed report on your IT infrastructure, including; future advisories, minor defects, and system critical defects (SCD).

  • Performed by qualified technicians
  • Conducted face-to-face at your premises
  • Comprehensive report upon completion
  • 50% off for a limited time!