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Robust IT hardware to power your business

As a leading provider of IT and computer solutions, we understand the crucial role that hardware plays in ensuring the smooth functioning of your business operations. From desktops and laptops to servers and storage devices, we offer top-of-the-line hardware solutions that are reliable, scalable, and cost-effective.

Our hardware products are sourced from industry-leading manufacturers, ensuring that you receive the latest and most advanced technology available. Our team of certified technicians is also available to provide support and maintenance services, ensuring that your hardware remains in optimal condition and performs at its best.

Laptops and PCs

Mark One has supplied and installed laptops and PCs since its inception in 1998. Prior to 2013, Mark One was involved in the build of PCs and workstations based on client requirements. Thanks to companies like Dell, HP, Lenovo and other major PC hardware vendors, it is now much more cost effective to purchase pre-configured units directly from large scale PC builders, rather than ordering the individual components and assembling them.

That said, we are still very much involved in the installation and configuration of new PCs and PC suites for clients. We also regularly provide hardware upgrades in regards to memory and storage for customers with these requirements. Our main objective is to supply high-quality PCs and hardware that will withstand the tests of the most ardent users.

PC components

Printers, scanners, tablets

We provide installation and setup of business class printers. We are suppliers of HP, DELL and Brother printers and scanners.

With 20 years experience in business printing requirements we have found that HP Laserjet printers are fast, capable and good value for money, for light, everyday use. For heavier workloads, we partner with a number of trusted third parties to provide large scale, network ready printer/copier class devices.

In terms of tablet devices, these are important tools for business and more capable than ever. Although we do not supply tablets directly to clients, we are involved in the general setup and integration of these devices into client's networks and business systems.

HP logo DELL logo


Servers come in numerous flavours, but at a high level typically boil down to physical servers and virtual servers. For virtual servers, please see our IT Solutions/Cloud section of our website, or speak to one of our consultants about our data center services.

When it comes to physical servers, we are a Dell supplier. With the advent of more and more cloud services, the requirement of on-site physical servers has changed over the years, however a number of factors must be considered when deciding to store your data locally on a physical, or in the cloud on a virtual server;

  • Is the internet connectivity sufficient and consistent enough for cloud based services?
  • Is the volume and size of local data requirements too great for cloud based services? (ie, CAD operators)
  • Will all of your bespoke software requirements work effectively?
  • Will your historic/legacy systems still function?

If you are not able to take advantage of cloud services, or are looking to replace an existing physical server, speak to us today to explore your options.

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Workshop facilities

Mark One offers a fully equipped workshop facility for a range of computer related repair and upgrade needs.

This includes;

  • Hard disk replacement
  • Memory upgrades
  • Full system diagnostics
  • Virus/spyware removal
  • Permanent data erasing services with proof of data destruction
  • Offsite PC, laptop and server setup and configuration

Hardware Recycling

For a number of years, Mark One has been committed to the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) regulations. These regulations ensure that we are doing our bit to help the environment by preventing potentially hazardous waste from entering landfill.

In accordance with WEEE regulations and via a number of trusted network partners throughout the UK, we provide everything from computer recycling and certified hard disk destruction, through to laptop recycling and toner disposal.

Would you pass an IT MOT?

We have developed a detailed Measure of Technology (MOT) for your business that will analyse and review your IT infrastructure and provide you with a system health check. Once our qualified technician has completed the MOT you will receive a detailed report on your IT infrastructure, including; future advisories, minor defects, and system critical defects (SCD).

  • Performed by qualified technicians
  • Conducted face-to-face at your premises
  • Comprehensive report upon completion
  • 50% off for a limited time!

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